Time Traveler: “2025 CARDANO helps Bitcoin become the new Global Reserve Currency”

“2025 Cardano scales to hold every country’s independent digitalized sovereign currencies giving them, programmable and smart contract features.”

“ Cardano Quantum Time Travel ” -Ramon Viggiani year 2525-

People of the world will be allowed to run Bitcoin mining, freely, provided that they are registered in the country in which they operate. Any bitcoin generated will have to be either sold to that particular country’s Central Bank , or loaned to them for a profit in that country’s sovereign currency , which is being hosted inside the Cardano ecosystem.

However, no country’s Central Bank is to be allowed to own any ADA, as the CARDANO platform is supposed to live free of any foreign intervention, nor any government influence of any kind. So any taxes collected by a smart contract will be immediately converted into Bitcoin for disbursement purposes and assigned to the investor’s country of origin.

There will also be special Cardano Governance tokens which will be available to the public, however; strict licenses and guidelines will be in place, and they will be set by a New Global Monetary Oversight Institution (NGMOI) in order to ensure transparency, to preserve the integrity of the system, and to make sure the actors adhere to a minimum standard of fiduciary duties.

It wasn’t long until, what appeared to be random events, started to “self organize” , and pretty soon after that, we made first contact with people who had past away BEFORE the neural uploads where even a thing.

I am the first one of my kInd, (“Quantum State of Consciousness”) to actually time travel. Charles is still alive in Cryogenics, technically He is still “biologically alive” thanks to his early obsession with hyperbaric chambers back when he was a Millionaire, and I was spending all of 2017–18–19–20 scratching my head living paycheck to paycheck thinking on, or rather “dreaming on” how I could become an integral part of Cardano.

I am back in 2020 using my past self’s Medium and Facebook profiles to write this whole thing without my present self knowing.

I am CryptoMensan, time traveler and storyteller, and I send this message to any Crypto Imagineers taking refuge among the stars. We are here. We are waiting.